wello® has become the most essential food for dogs provides an opportunity to continually consider and understand animal nutrition and expand the profound impact of natural food on overall health. We have been continuously researching wild eating habits and ways designed in the same direction as possible for dogs with 99% of the same DNA as wolves, and we have several nutritional certifications related to raw food for instinctive eating in nature. Based on our in-depth research, we are aiming for food that can evolve beyond the existing dog food and beyond, based on our rich experience and knowledge of professional reproduction. They also reached the decisive idea that eating itself affects the health of all dogs, and gained real confidence in our purpose for the life extension of disease-free dogs. We are infinitely grateful to those who keep their pets healthy, share trust with them, and steadily strive for a happy life. We hope to provide real food to many dog ​​lovers who challenge healthy bodies and happy spirits.